EXYD GmbH, Germany

Groningen, Netherlands, Underpass

For an underpass in Groningen Type G matched the aesthetic requirements and also proved to be suitable for environments at risk from vandalism.

Underpass in Groningen on Meeuwerderweg, Detail

The underpass in Groningen on Meeuwerderweg leading under the N7 highway provides pedestrians and cyclists with a convenient link between the urban district of Oosterpoort and the residential district of Europapark.

Underpass in Groningen on Meeuwerderweg (c) Arjo Stokman, 2009

Architects Mueller Reimann of Berlin and the city authorities of Groningen chose Product Line EXYD-G as cladding for the 8,000 sq ft of wall and ceiling surfaces in the underpass. Photo above Arjo Stokman, 2009.

Underpass in Groningen on Meeuwerderweg (c) Peter Wollinga

The basic material, an alloy of copper and aluminium, was supplied by KME. EXYD shaped the metal and BouwMetaal made the final panels and installed them, complete with frame. Photos above and below Peter Wollinga.

Underpass in Groningen on Meeuwerderweg during Night-Time (c) Peter Wollinga

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