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EXYD GmbH is registered in Commercial Register B, no. 729610, at the Local Court in Mannheim; the person responsible is Dr.-Ing. Detlef Schobert. The VAT identification number is DE271939096.

All products of EXYD are developed and made in Germany.

EXYD is a registered trade­mark and is protected by United States and other inter­national trade­mark laws. We created the term "EXYD" in 2005. There are no strict rules for its pro­nounciation. Never­the­less, most people pronounce "EXYD" similar to the verb "excite" …

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Product Counterfeiting

We are faced with the fact, that companies occasionally use EXYD product images and EXYD product names to offer fraudulently different goods. Another fraud pattern is, that in online services EXYD images are used once in a while to lure visitors to websites, which pretend to offer EXYD products.

We produce exclusively in Germany, we always produce order-related and we deliver our products only to end users, generally to general contractors, local steelwork companies or assembling firms. This allows us to ensure conscientious material selection and proper handling. For example, EXYD-M is a wonderful product – nevertheless, restrictions have to be considered, so that a safe use is ensured and the expectations of the appearance is fulfilled.

We take actions against product piracy, but we can not exclude it at any time, any place. Please contact us in case of doubt.



EXYD was founded in 2006 by Detlef Schobert. A graduate in engineering and computer science and went on to obtain a PhD in engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. Before setting up EXYD, Dr Schobert gathered extensive experience of the building supplies industry in a managerial capacity. As Managing Director of Inox-Color, he set up the INOX-FORM Division and developed – in dialog with Herzog & de Meuron – a forming process that was first demonstrated at the Architecture Biennale 2002 in Venice. This process was later used to produce 140,000 sq ft of cladding for the Edificio Forum in Barcelona.

Detlef Schobert, Photo EXYD, 2014

Detlef Schobert founded EXYD, in order to concentrate more on the development and production of customized series. One of the first works dealt with the design of the entrance gate at 40 Bond Street in New York (Herzog & de Meuron). Other projects followed, predominantly in Europe, but also in North America, Asia and in the Gulf States. The contributions often give attention to the topics "Water", "Balancing Chaos and Order" and "Surfaces for High-Traffic Areas".