EXYD GmbH, Germany

Frequently Asked Questions


How old is EXYD?
EXYD was founded 2006.

Who owns EXYD?
EXYD is a family-owned business.

Where does EXYD produce its products?
EXYD's production is based exclusively in Germany.

Does the name "EXYD" have a meaning?
We created the name "EXYD" in 2005. At the time, we were looking for a short name without any pre-existing meaning.

How do you pronounce "EXYD"?
Most people pronounce "EXYD" similarly to "excite" or "excitement".


What is the core competence of EXYD?
Surface production! Plus, the hardcore programming of CNC machines! Additionally, EXYD offers laser cutting and folding services.

Does EXYD install its products on building sites?
No, EXYD does not operate on building sites. However, EXYD does produce ready-to-install goods. The installation is typically carried out by local outfitters, metal companies, or cabinetmakers.


Does EXYD offer a price list?
No. Costs are calculated based on the specific project data.

Does EXYD provide price quotes over the phone?
No. EXYD only provides budget estimates and binding offers via email.

Does EXYD have sales representatives in different countries?
No. All goods are distributed directly from Germany, with one exception: Japan.


EXYD works with stainless steel – where does the material come from?
In almost all cases, EXYD sources stainless steel from European mills, primarily from Outokumpu and Aperam.

Is it true that EXYD also manufactures colored products?
Yes – but EXYD does not do the coloring itself. This process is carried out by two German partner companies.

How does EXYD ship its goods?
EXYD packs its goods in closed boxes, conforming to IPPC standards. These boxes are suitable for truck transport, sea freight, and air cargo.


How old is the EXYD‑M product line?
EXYD developed the EXYD‑M product line in 2009.

Why is EXYD‑M used?
EXYD‑M helps make spaces seem more expansive, friendly, and bright. Its appeal may also be connected to the symbolic significance of water. Notably, due to the fragmented mirror images, people often do not feel observed.

Where is EXYD‑M primarily used?
EXYD‑M is predominantly used for ceiling cladding, but frequently also for wall decoration. Occasionally, EXYD‑M is also used for furniture cladding.

Can EXYD‑M also be installed on a yacht or near the sea?
Yes. In such cases, EXYD uses stainless steel of grade EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L). This molybdenum-containing stainless steel is suitable for saltwater environments.

Does EXYD‑M always look appealing?
No. The appearance of EXYD‑M depends on the objects it reflects. EXYD‑M needs "something" to reflect. Without anything to reflect, such as over a black floor devoid of lines or secondary colors, EXYD‑M might appear as a "boring black hole". However, EXYD‑M becomes "alive" when it reflects elements like gaps between floor tiles, carpet ornaments, window frames, wallpaper patterns...

Is it advisable to color EXYD‑M?
Sometimes. EXYD‑M is available uncolored and colored in champagne, gold, rose-gold, bronze. Champagne gives the stainless steel a certain warmth. However, EXYD‑M, being a mirror, mainly takes on the color of the reflected objects.

Is EXYD‑M kept in stock?
No, there is no EXYD‑M in stock. All products are made to order.

Is EXYD‑M available in standard dimensions?
No, there are no standard dimensions.

Is EXYD‑M kept in stock?
No, there is no EXYD‑M in stock. All products are made to order.

Is EXYD‑M sustainable?
EXYD‑M is made of stainless steel. It is made from 60 percent recycled raw materials and is fully recyclable.

Was there anything similar to EXYD‑M before its invention?
After developing EXYD‑M, we discovered that the Italian company Marzorati Ronchetti had previously handcrafted(!) something similar. Regrettably, after more than ninety years, this company is no longer in business – we would have loved to collaborate with these masters.
Interestingly, we both worked on projects for the upper floors of Frankfurt's Twin Towers during 2009-2011: they produced the wall cladding, while we manufactured the ceiling panels. Later, during 2010-2012, we both contributed to the business lounge of Doha Airport: they created the furniture, and we supplied the cladding for the spiral staircase and ceiling.

Who invented the metal surface "rippled water"?
To the best of our knowledge, the Italian company Marzorati Ronchetti invented "rippled water" and produced this manual. We were the first to produce this surface with computer-controlled machines.


Does EXYD use customer numbers or order numbers?
No. EXYD provides individual care and attention to every customer and each project.