Product Line EXYD-M

EXYD-M reflects a fragmented image of the surroundings; shapes, outlines and colors are scattered, giving the effect of rippled water.

Ceiling Panels of Product Line EXYD-M, Photo Tischler

EXYD-M is used for interior and exterior installations, for ceiling, wall, stair, balustrade, furniture, facade, soffit …

Installation of Ceiling Panels of Product Line EXYD-M, Photo EXYD

There is something about water that draws and fascinates people. The reflections of a water surface, the scattered light during the day and at night possess a characteristic beauty. Many people spend their vacations at the sea, dream about a home with "ocean view" and find themselves looking on the water without any specific intentions. The view of waves is relaxing, clears off the flow of thoughts. Perhaps it is not only an intersection with nature, but also with the core of the observer …

With the Product Line EXYD-M, we transfer the characteristic of gently rippling water into convenient cladding for interiors and facades. We developed Product Line EXYD-M in 2009. Since then, we have produced EXYD-M for small and larger projects in more than two dozen countries, across different culture groups.

EXYD-M makes interior spaces seem larger and brightens them up calmly. EXYD-M somehow dematerializes parts of buildings and integrates them smoothly into the surroundings. People do not feel observed by the mirror surfaces: reflected images are scattered in a pleasant way into dots of colors similar to impressionistic paintings.

Left: Reflection of Slightly Rippled Water, Photo EXYD. Right: Detail of 'The Bridge at Argenteuil', Claude Monet, 1874 (c) Bildarchiv Foto Marburg.

To keep the magic of the appearance it is essential, that there are no repetitions in the surface. When you look on the surface of a sea, every image section looks different, but similar. Therefore, in general all panels of EXYD-M are shaped differently. Nevertheless, all panels of EXYD-M are in full harmony with a continuous overall appearance.

Product Line EXYD-M in Various Thicknesses, Left: 0.8 mm, Right: 1.5 mm, Photo EXYD

For EXYD-M we process stainless steel, alternatively grade EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) or EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L). The later is useful for example near the sea or within cities with high pollutant load.

We produce EXYD-M in various thicknesses. However, in most cases 0.8 and 1.5 mm are requested. The thin version looks rather "alive", the thick version rather "smooth". Image above shows on the left 0.8 and on the right 1.5 mm.

Product Line EXYD-M, Colored Samples, Photo EXYD

We produce Product Line EXYD-M as sheets or as laser cut items for further processing. We produce also ready-to-install panels according to given drawings – flat, folded or slightly curved.

In most cases uncolored EXYD-M is requested. Nevertheless, colored EXYD-M is also available. For example champgagne-colored and gold-colored are requested from time to time (see image above). The optional coloration is carried out by a partner company.

We also produce Product Line EXYD-M with perforations for acoustics (see image below).

Product Line EXYD-M, Perforated Panels for Acoustics, Photo EXYD

The Product Line EXYD-M is described in tender specifications once in a while also as 'beaten steel', 'blooming steel'. 'hammered steel', 'metal water', 'molded mirror', 'rippled sheet', 'water finish', 'water mirror' …

EXYD focuses on surfaces – the products can be adapted for use with existing ceiling and wall systems. Product Line EXYD-M for example is available among others as component of the ceiling program Lindner Lunar – Living Ceilings or as part of the curtain wall program of Eder Blechbau.

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