Walls, Columns, Wall Decorations

EXYD products are also used for wall claddings, cladding of movable walls, column claddings, as wall decorations.

Wall Cladding With Product Line EXYD-M, Glued, Abutment Joints, Project in Munich (Germany), Architect Philipp Moeller, Photo Becker Lacour

Wall claddings are mostly glued.

Wall Cladding With Product Line EXYD-M, Glued, Project in Munich (Germany), Architects Oliv, Photo EXYD

Occasionally, glued panels are additionally secured by means of suspensions or screw connections.

Germany, School Complex in Munich-Moosach, Multipurpose Hall, Movable Walls With EXYD-M, Photo EXYD

For most wall claddings, Product Line EXYD-M is used in the thicknesses 0.8 and 1.5 mm.

Wall Cladding With Product Line EXYD-M, Glued, Accentuated Joints, Project in Copenhagen (Denmark), Architects Benoy, Photo EXYD

Above: glued EXYD-M laser cut plates, with abutment joints and with more or less accentuated joints.

Wall Cladding With EXYD-D Cassettes, Project in London (UK), Architects AMA, Photo Nick Rochowski

Above: EXYD-D wall cassettes.

Columns With EXYD-N Claddings, Project Onboard Of Cruise Ship, Designer PSD, Photo EXYD

Above: EXYD-N column claddings.

Wall Decoration With EXYD-F Cassettes, Project in Leipzig (Germany), Architects Motel One, Photo EXYD

Above: EXYD-F wall decoration. Below: EXYD-P wall decoration.

Wall Decoration With EXYD-P Panel, Project in Bad Hersfeld (Germany), Designer Heike Volkert, Photo Heike Volkert