EXYD GmbH, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany, Airport, Quiet Room

Frankfurt Airport opened in Terminal 1 on Level 3 of Pier Z a non-denominational Quiet Room.

Germany, Frankfurt Airport, Quiet Room with Seating Accommodations, Ceiling System LINDNER, Curved Ceiling Panels EXYD-M, Photo EXYD

The design of the Quiet Room is based on an idea by interior architect Katharina Woll, which was further developed by the architecture office von Toerne in cooperation with Katharina Woll.

Germany, Frankfurt Airport, Quiet Room, Wall System LINDNER, Curved Wall Panels EXYD-M, Photo EXYD

Photos above: Quiet Room at Frankfurt Airport.
Photo below: Prototype of Curved Panel.

Curved Panel Based on Product Line EXYD-M, Prototype for Ceiling/Wall of Quiet Room at Frankfurt Airport, Photo EXYD

A suspended ceiling extends in waves from the entrance to the opposite window down to the floor. EXYD produced the curved panels based on Product Line EXYD-M. Lindner provided the ceiling/wall system and installed the panels.

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