EXYD GmbH, Germany

Berlin, Germany, LUX Building

One-third of a mile away from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the eight-story condominium LUX was built.

Germany, Berlin, LUX Building, Wall Decoration, Product Line EXYD-W, Photo Kuehnapfel

The apartments were individually furnished by interior decorators and designers. Crownhill-Interieur selected for one of the apartments a champagne-colored stainless steel shell of EXYD with lighting technology from WML.

Germany, Berlin, LUX Building, Wall Decoration in Process, Product Line EXYD-W, Photo EXYD, 2015

Photos above: Wall decoration (photo Kühnapfel) and metal in process.
Photo below: LUX Building in Berlin.

Germany, Berlin, LUX Building, Photo EXYD, 2015

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