Projects 2019

A few small and larger projects of 2019.

Augsburg, Germany, Restaurant Spiesswerk

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Germany, Augsburg, Restaurant Spiesswerk, Wall Cladding EXYD-M, Photo EXYD

Edinburgh, Scotland, Floating Hotel Fingal

In the port of Edinburgh, not far from the Royal Yacht Britannia, the new floating hotel Fingal …

Scotland, Edinburgh, Floating Hotel Fingal, The Lighthouse Bar, Ceiling Cladding EXYD-M, Photo Fingal

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The Exchange 106

Currently, the 106-floor skyscraper Exchange 106 is being built in the capital of Malaysia. EXYD produces …

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Exchange 106 Under Construction (left, foreground) and Petrona Towers (right), Photo Nur Ismail Photography

Madrid, Spain, Lagasca 99

The new residential complex Lagacsa 99 in the center of Madrid was designed by architect Rafael de La-Hoz …

Spain, Madrid, Residential Complex Lagasca 99, Foyer with EXYD-M Ceiling, Photo EXYD

Muscat, Oman, W Hotel

In Muscat, a new W Hotel is currently being built between the opera house and the sandy beach …

Oman, Maskat, W Hotel Under Construction, Photo EXYD

Vienna, Austria, St. Stephen's Cathedral

The artist Peter Baldinger uses EXYD materials for his temporary installation 'Echo Curtain' in the St. Stephen's Cathedral …

Austria, Vienna, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Lenten Cloth 2019, Peter Baldinger, Temporary Art Installation 'Echo Curtain' with EXYD-M and EXYD-D, Photo EXYD

Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Hilton

A new Hilton Garden Inn was opened around 30 miles south of Vienna. EXYD produced ready-to-install …

Austria, Wiener Neustadt, Hilton Garden Inn, Dining Room, Ceiling Panels EXYD-M, Photo Franz Baldauf