Projects 2012

A few small and larger projects of 2012.

Aachen, Germany, Eurogress

Conference rooms have been refurbished. EXYD produced panels for the fireproof ceiling …

Eurogress in Aachen, Fireproof Ceiling, Ceiling System Lindner, Panels EXYD, Photo Eurogress, iTouring

Artemide, Ceiling Light Mercury

The ceiling light Mercury of Artemide is available with various baseplates – EXYD-M is one option …

Ceiling Light Mercury of Artemide with Baseplate EXYD-M at Night-Time, Photo EXYD, 2012

Bochum, Germany, Fruit Stand

In Bochum EXYD-M was used for a ceiling sail in the fruit and vegetable section …

Germany, Bochum, Fruit Stand, Detail of Ceiling Sail, Product Line EXYD-M, Photo EXYD

Lausanne, Switzerland, Building Géopolis

The university building Géopolis is clad with EXYD-M panels, covering 30,000 sq ft …

Geopolis in Lausanne, Building Partly Cladded with EXYD-M, South Front, Photo EXYD, May 2013

Luxembourg, Water Management

For an administration building in Luxembourg EXYD-M was chosen to clad the entrance hall …

Luxembourg, Belval, Administration Building, Entrance Hall, Wall Cladding EXYD-M, Photo Lukas Roth, Cologne

Schwaz, Austria, Civic Hall

The building complex Stadtgalerien provides shops, restaurants, apartments and public facilities …

Schwaz, SZentrum, Civic Hall in Stadtgalerien, Ceiling Panels Type EXYD-M, Photo Angelo Kaunat, 2012

Stavanger, Norway, Decorative Flooring

EXYD-M was used for a decorative flooring within a new office complex in Stavanger …

Stavanger, Decorative Flooring, Type EXYD-M, Photo EXYD, 2012

Vancouver, Canada, Hyatt Regency Hotel

The interior architects of EDG designed the Grain Tasting Bar of the Hyatt Regency Hotel …

Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Grain Tasting Bar, Product Line EXYD-M, Photo EXYD, 2012

Villach, Austria, Shopping Center Neukauf

Shopping center Neukauf was undergoing a complete refurbishment. 50,000 sq ft of EXYD-M …

Villach Neukauf, Shopping Center, Entrance Portal, Metal Cladding Type EXYD-M, Photo EXYD, 2012