Projects 2010 Or Earlier

A few small and larger projects of 2010 or earlier.

Azura, Manhattan Lounge of Cruise Ship

For the cruise liner Azura EXYD produced the ready-to-fit column cladding …

Cruise Ship Azura, Manhattan Lounge, Column Cladding with Product Line EXYD-N, Photo EXYD

Barcelona, Spain, Restaurant

EXYD manufactured 1000 aluminum cladding panels for the restaurant of the Edifico Forum …

Spain, Barcelona, Restaurant of Edificio Forum, Herzog and de Meuron, Ceiling Cladding With EXYD-B And Pattern Perforation, Photo EXYD, 2006

Dortmund, Germany, Refurbishment

The refurbishment of a residential and commercial building in Dortmund near Lake Phoenix …

Germany, Residential and Commercial Building in Dortmund near Lake Phoenix, Facade with Product Line EXYD-M, Photo EXYD

Frankfurt, Germany, Twin Towers

Deutsche Bank's Twin Towers in Frankfurt were renovated. For the top five stories of the …

Germany, Frankfurt, Twin Towers, Client Deutsche Bank, Design Bellini, Ceiling Of The Top Five Stories of The North Tower, Ceiling System LINDNER, Ceiling Panels EXYD-F, Photo EXYD, 2011

Groningen, Netherlands, Underpass

For an underpass in Groningen on Meeuwerderweg EXYD-G matched the aesthetic …

Underpass in Groningen, 2009, Product Line EXYD-G, Photo EXYD

Moscow, Russia, Tsvetnoy Central Market

20,000 sq ft of EXYD-M have been installed in the Tsvetnoy Central Market in Moscow …

Russia, Moscow, Tsvetnoy Central Market, Stainless Steel Cladding with Product Line EXYD-M, Photo Chris Gascoigne

NYC, USA, 40 Bond Street, 3D Gate

In front of the build­ing at 40 Bond Street is a sculptural gate. EXYD de­veloped the 3D shape …

40 Bond Street in New York City, 2006, Forming of Sculptural Gate, Photo EXYD

NYC, USA, 40 Bond Street, Cladding

EXYD produced metal cladding for the apartment building at 40 Bond Street in New York City …

40 Bond Street in New York, 2007, Product Line EXYD-N, Photo Ivan Baan

Stockholm, Sweden, Waterfront Building

EXYD developed the surface design for the lobby of the Waterfront Building and produced …

Stockholm, Waterfront Building, Product Line EXYD-F, Photo EXYD

Barcelona, Spain, Edificio Forum

In 2004 the City of Barcelona created a new urban district, down by the sea, at the end of the Avenida Diagonal. At the heart of this new area is the Edificio Forum. This triangular multi-functional building, with sides measuring 590 ft, was designed by the architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Barcelona, Forum Building, Herzog and de Meuron, Photo Detlef Schobert, 2004

The roof of the Edificio Forum is covered by a sheet of water. The vision was to transport the "feeling" of water also onto the underside of the raised building.

Barcelona, Roof of the Forum Building, Herzog and de Meuron, Photo Uwe Bertoldo, 2004

Founder of EXYD Detlef Schobert developed during his time as director of Inox-Color the corresponding embossing technique for metal cladding. 28,000 different stainless steel panels were produced accordingly and fitted together, like a jigsaw puzzle, to form a continuous, 140,000 sq ft embossed design. Over 100 tons of stainless steel were processed.

Barcelona, Forum Building, Herzog and de Meuron, Stainless Steel Cladding, Photo Detlef Schobert, 2004 Barcelona, Forum Building, Herzog and de Meuron, Stainless Steel Cladding, Photo Xavier Cervera, 2004 Barcelona, Forum Building, Herzog and de Meuron, Stainless Steel Cladding, Photo Xavier Miro, 2004