EXYD GmbH, Germany

Pattern Perforation

For decorative or functional requirements EXYD develops and produces nonlinear pattern perforation.

Pattern Perforation, 40 Bond in New York City, Waterfront Building in Stockholm and Draft in Copper, Photos EXYD

The perforation patterns can be developed on a desired theme or based on illustration material provided by the customer, or correspond to embossed shapes.

Pattern Perforation, Greentowers in Frankfurt, Photos EXYD

The perforation patterns can be free cross-section, restricted to certain areas, continuous, diffuse or covering the entire surface. Computer programs developed by EXYD are used to generate the perforation patterns.

Pattern Perforation, Heri & Salli, Wien, Competition "Boulevard of the Stars in Berlin", Second Place, 2009, Photo Heri & Salli

The specially developed generation programs make it easier to both implement the customer's wishes in terms of design and meet the technical requirements.

Pattern Perforation, Floral Perforation Pattern and Corresponding Shadow, 2009, Photo EXYD

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