EXYD, 24 pp.

Selected Projects


Bad Hersfeld, Germany, Portraits, 6 pp.
Budapest, Hungary, FINA 3 pp.
Copenhagen, Denmark, Experimentarium, 8 pp.
Dietach, Austria, Cinema, Wall, 3 pp.
Frankfurt, Germany, Airport, Quiet Room, 4 pp.
Ingelheim, Germany, Restaurant Karl, 4 pp.
London, UK, Westfield, John Lewis, 3 pp.
Miyazaki, Japan, Hotel, Movable Wall, 6 pp.
Mosbach, Germany, Garden, Screen Fence, 3 pp.
Munich, Germany, School Moosach, 10 pp.
Munich, Germany, Tower Riem, 8 pp.
Osaka, Japan, Kindai University, 7 pp.
Stuttgart, Germany, Oh Julia, 4 pp.


Berlin, Germany, Exhibition, 6 pp.
Brussels, Belgium, Courtyard Entrance, 10 pp.
Cologne, Germany, Rhein-Center, 6 pp.
Darmstadt, Germany, Winter Garden, 5 pp.
Frankfurt, Germany, Axis Building, 5 pp.
Kehl, Germany, Restaurant Oh Julia, 8 pp.
London, UK, Restaurant Fucina, 4 pp.
Mannheim, Germany, Restaurant Oh Julia, 4 pp.
Milton Keynes, UK, Shopping Mall, 9 pp.
Munich, Germany, Brienner Strasse, 9 pp.
Munich, Germany, Kufsteiner Platz, 4 pp.
Munich, Germany, PEAK, 7 pp.
Neuss, Germany, Indoor Ski Resort, 7 pp.
New York, NY, USA, 99 Church Street, 7 pp.
Prague, Czechia, NH City Hotel, 8 pp.
Seoul, South Korea, ID Hospital, 9 pp.
Sindelfingen, Germany, Crash Center, 7 pp.
Stuttgart, Germany, Casino, 10 pp.
Taufkirchen, Germany, WML Wall Light, 4 pp.
Tegernsee, Germany, Hotel, 4 pp.
Thannhausen, Germany, Turncable, 7 pp.
Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Office Furniture, 6 pp.
Vienna, Austria, Belvedere's Garden, 9 pp.
Zell, Austria, Casino, 13 pp.


Altheim, Austria, Supermarket, 15 pp.
Bayreuth, Germany, Ceiling, 6 pp.
Berlin, Germany, LUX, Decor, 6 pp.
Berlin, Germany, NH Hotel, Canopy, 18 pp.
Copenhagen, Denmark, Field's, 13 pp.
Cortina, Italy, Cooperativa, 8 pp.
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Museum, 5 pp.
Enter, Netherlands, Sculptures, 8 pp.
Flachau, Austria, Lisa Alm, 6 pp.
Hasselt, Belgium, Corda Campus, 10 pp.
Heilbronn, Germany, Campus, 7 pp.
Milan, Italy, EXPO Austria, 10 pp.
Milan, Italy, Mandarin Oriental, 6 pp.
Munich, Germany, Twin Yards, 8 pp.


Arles, France, Le Collateral, 5 pp.
Dijon, France, Toison d'Or, Halle, 4 pp.
Doha, Qatar, Business Class Lounge, 18 pp.
Hamburg, Germany, Internorga Counter, 5 pp.
Leipzig, Germany, Motel One, Decoration, 4 pp.
London, UK, Amanda Wakeley, Decor, 5 pp.
Moscow, Russia, Nagatino, Ceiling, 4 pp.
Munich, Germany, Restaurant, Decoration, 6 pp.
Paris, France, Louvre, Printemps, 6 pp.
Reading, UK, Restaurant, Counter, 4 pp.
Seoul, South Korea, COEX Mall, 4 pp.
Tromso, Norway, Clarion Hotel The Edge, 14 pp.
Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Belvedere, Atrium, 11 pp.
Vienna, Austria, DC Tower 1, Meliá Vienna, 20 pp.
Vienna, Austria, Villa, Driveway, 10 pp.


Dortmund, Germany, REWE, Lobby, 3 pp.
Europa 2, Cruise Ship, Teens Club, 5 pp.
Graz, Austria, Center West, Facade, 8 pp.
Killarney, Ireland, The Malton, 6 pp.
Leipzig, Germany, Festo Hall, WorldSkills, 7 pp.
Linz, Austria, Business Center Linz.Punkt, 8 pp.
London, UK, Restaurant ZEST at JW3, 10 pp.
Miland, Italy, Who*s Who, Fashion Store, 5 pp
Monaco, Monaco, Oceanographic Museum, 9 pp.
Montreux, Switzerland, Eurotel Riviera, 12 pp.
Munich, Germany, Restaurant Oh Julia, 7 pp.
New York, NY, USA, The Quin Hotel, 12 pp.
Vienna, Austria, Green Worx, 11 pp.


Aachen, Germany, Eurogress, Ceiling, 6 pp.
Artemide, Italy, Mercury, 5 pp.
Bochum, Germany, Fruit Stand, Ceiling Sail, 4 pp.
Lausanne, Switzerland, Géopolis, 26 pp.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Office Building, 9 pp.
Schwaz, Austria, Civic Hall, 10 pp.
Stavanger, Norway, Decorative Flooring, 6 pp.
Vancouver, Canada, Hyatt Regency, 6 pp.
Villach, Austria, Neukauf, 8 pp.


Auckland, New Zealand, Carlton Gore, 9 pp.
Basel, Luxembourg, Filter 4, Counter, 6 pp.
Biotherm of L'Oréal, France, 5 pp.
Greenwich, UK, Maritime Museum, 6 pp.
London, UK, Westfield Stratford City, 5 pp.
Seoul, South Korea, D-Cube City, 11 pp.

- 2010

Azura, Cruise Ship, 10 pp.
Dortmund, Germany, Phoenix Lake, 5 pp.
Frankfurt, Germany, Twin Towers, 4 pp.
Groningen, Netherlands, Underpass, 4 pp.
Moscow, Russia, Tsvetnoy Market, 12 pp.
New York, NY, USA, 40 Bond St, materia, 14 pp.
New York, NY, USA, 40 Bond St, SINY, 3 pp.
New York, NY, USA, 40 Bond St, Facade, 7 pp.
New York, NY, USA, 40 Bond St, Gate, 10 pp.
Stockholm, Sweden, Waterfront, 11 pp.

Barcelona, Spain, Edificio Forum, 42 pp.
Barcelona, Spain, Edificio Forum, Euro, 12 pp.